Homemade Soap Recipes

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On this page you will find a growing collection of various cold process soap recipes — from classic and traditional, to palm-free, vegan-friendly recipes.

Always follow standard cold process procedures, unless noted otherwise. Make sure you follow all the appropriate safety precautions, and don’t forget to run all recipes through a lye calculator before you begin.

If you are new to soapmaking, you may want to check out Jan Berry’s “Natural Soap Making” guide. It’s a 75-page ebook full of priceless information for beginners (and it’s only $9.99 — a bargain, IMHO). Click here to learn more.

Cold Process Soap Recipes

Acne Soap Recipes
African Black Soap
Aloe Vera Soap Recipe
Anise Handmade Soap Recipe
Avocado Soap Recipe
Bamboo Charcoal Soap Recipe
Beer Soap Recipes
Beeswax Soap Recipe
Borax Soap Recipe
Castile Soap Recipe
Chamomile Soap Recipe
Coconut Soap Recipe
Cucumber Soap Recipes
Floral Soap
French Rose Clay Soap
Green Clay Soap
Herbal “Provence” Soap
Honey Soap Recipe
Indigo Antiseptic Soap
Insecticidal Soap Recipe
May Chang And Loofah Bar
Mocha Soap Recipe
Palm-Free Soap Recipes
Rosemary & Mint Goat Milk Soap
Sea Salt Soap Recipe
Shea Butter Soap Recipe
Soap Recipe for Beginners
Soap Recipes Using Lard
Tea Tree Soap Recipe
Vegan Soap Recipes

Other Recipes

Laundry Soap Recipe
How To Make Bath Bombs
Glycerin Soap Recipes
Do you want to make your own soap, but have no idea where to start?

Do you want to make your own soap, but have no idea where to start?

Then you have to check out "Natural Soap Making" by Jan Berry. This ebook will show you:

 the basics of cold process soap making
 what “gel phase” and “trace” really mean
 how to color soaps naturally with botanicals and clays
 all about adding beneficial herbs and flowers to your soaps
 that lye calculators aren’t as intimidating as they seem
 plus it includes 25 palm-free recipes!


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