Homemade Soap Recipes

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This little collection of homemade soap recipes contains mostly cold process recipes and a couple melt & pour. You will find not only the classic and traditional recipes, but also natural and vegetable-based recipes for vegans. Most of them are very easy and perfectly suited for beginners — but if you are new to soap making, you may want to go over this page before attempting any of the recipes below.

Always follow standard cold process procedures, unless noted otherwise. Make sure you follow all the appropriate safety precautions, and don’t forget to run all recipes through a lye calculator before you begin!

Cold Process Soap Recipes

Acne Soap Recipe
Traditional African Black Soap
Aloe Vera Soap
Anise Soap Recipe
avocado soap recipe
Bamboo Charcoal Soap Recipe
Beer Soap Recipe
Beeswax Soap Recipe
Borax Soap Recipe
Castile Soap Recipe (100% Olive Oil)
Homemade Coconut (Oil & Milk) Soap
Cucumber Soap Recipes
Herbal Provence Soap Recipe
Homemade Honey Soap Recipe
Insecticidal Soap Recipe
Homemade Mocha Soap
Palm-Free Soap Recipes (CP)
Rosemary & Mint Goat Milk Cold Process Soap Recipe
Sea Salt Soap Recipe
Shea Butter Soap Recipe
Soap Recipe For Beginners
Lard Soap Recipe
Homemade Tea Tree Soap
Vegan Soap Recipes

Other Recipes

Laundry Soap Recipe
Bath Bombs (Bath Fizzies)
Glycerin Soap Recipes (Melt And Pour)

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